10 Days without OTT and I Loved it

10 days ago, I decided not to renew my OTT (social media tax). Had I known how much I was going to love the experience,I would not have made so much noise when the tax was announced.

You see, social media is a double-edged sword – the good aspects equate the bad which makes it easily addictive. My relationship with it is a love -hate one. I have it in me to spend entire days scrolling uncontrollably and ignoring the kind voice in my head telling me that the time I was wasting was never coming back. I have endless excuses that I use to negotiate with that voice my favorite being  the swap and talk and thrift shop communities need me to hang out especially because both these services depend highly on social media which needs me to well… socialize.

My phone’s an iPhone which has amazing features like Screen Time and Do Not Disturb all aimed at making it easy for users to spend less time on their devices. These features have helped greatly but I was still struggling with the amount of time I spend on social media because I broke all the rules I set for myself using these features. 

A notification popped on my phone to remind me that my monthly OTT was expiring in an hour and that kind voice which by the way I call God challenged me not to renew my OTT for a day and see, perhaps I would have Wi-Fi at work which is a more controlled environment. I thought to myself – Rebecca, that should not be too hard. But, because I know myself for breaking rules I made it a point to withdraw all the money I had on airtel money. Today is the 11th day and I am still going strong – who knew?

Here’s  how I spent time that I previously spent scrolling uncontrollably which was most evenings 5-11pm. 

Day 1, I worked on the swap and talk page on my site, a task I had been postponing for more than 6 weeks. 

Day 2, I listened to 3 chapters of an audio book (Secrets of a Billionaire mind) which I had had for a while but never made the time to listen to and solved a huge money dilemma I had been carrying around all my life. (Let me know if you want me to share).

Day 3, I spent uninterrupted time with my babe which challenged him to also be fully present because he could not scroll alone. 

Day 4, I studied an entire module of a course and understood quicker because my attention was undivided.

Day 5, I went through my mail box and caught up on the good stuff I had subscribed for. Unsubscribed to emails I no longer wanted to receive and organized a bit of my mail box. This was therapeutic, I have so me digital clutter and tackling a bit of it felt good.

Day 6, I used a meditating app that I installed 3 months ago and never opened – I am loving it so much, I will share once I have used it enough to recommend it to you guys.

Day 7, I binged on some podcasts that I had never made time to listen to. I had a good laugh, cry and many ahha moments. I will share in good time the ones that have changed my life.

Day 8, I read a chapter of Lean in by  Sheryl Sandberg which is a book every woman should read.

Day 9, I put on a face mask, had multiple cups of tea in dim candle lights and silence followed by a long warm bath.

Day 10, I am writing this blog post on day 10 which is a task I often do not enjoy very much but for reason we both know very well today it is going well.

I have come to one conclusion after these 10 days of productivity; social media is a huge enabler of postponing tasks which results to stress. Most stress is baggage of postponed tasks – these tasks can be digital, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I challenge you to cut on your social media time to and create time to clear the baggage.

Weekends are my cheat days but I have noticed that even on weekends I am no longer drawn to my phone as much as I was before.

Who will be joining me next week? Let’s be both free and productive together!

Thank you for hanging out, love and warm hugs, Rebecca.


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  1. Houstin

    It takes self discipline to master this habit, I have it and love it and btw I leave a lone, switch off the tv and learn a skill, am not good of a reader but a quick practical learner , at the moment teaching my self programming in these times , great that u joined the life style and glad that u shared .. silent majority👍🏼😊😉

    1. rebeccananjego

      I am in good company, being offline is truly the new luxury.

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