7 Simple Ways to Plan for 2020


As the year winds down, it is natural to start anticipating what the new year will bring. We often daydream about what we intend to achieve and proclaim how the new year will be our year. Some of us are however still in shock about how fast the year went by. The good news is whichever category you belong to, planning for the new year a month ahead will keep you ahead of most people.

Here are things you can do, to give you a head start.

  • Pull a weed by its roots. Is there a bad habit that has kept you from progressing at the speed you’d like to in 2019? You need to address it on a phycological level, pull out the habit by the root and replace it with a healthier alternative. Commit to this healthy habit every day until it becomes second nature.
  • Reflect and create a list of accomplishments. This is very important because high chances are that you accomplished more than you realize. Write down even the smallest of accomplishments, think through month by month – turn to your photo gallery when you can’t remember. If you do not appreciate what you have done in the past, you will not appreciate what you do.
  • Reflect and create a list of lessons learned. What happened in the past months that left you with a lesson? What content did you consume that changed the way you see things? Take note of these discoveries and think about ways you can apply these lessons with intention as you move towards 2020.
  • Invest in yourself. What are your inadequacies today? how can you improve on them before 2020? Take up a virtual course, polish your personal brand, update your LinkedIn profile. This will help you approach the new year with confidence.
  • Book unresolved appointments. If you have been procrastinating on appointments that you are certain will catch up with you sooner or later, now is the time to book them. It could be a dentist appointment, national ID appointment or a friend you have never made time to see. There might never be a good time, but the feeling of accomplishment after will be worth it.
  • Clean out your closet. As the year progresses, we often collect items that we may not need. These items clutter our spaces and in turn, leave us feeling overwhelmed. Take a day or two to clear out your closet and leave only things that bring you joy or have a practical purpose. You can send the clothes you no longer to a Swap&Talk event. The next is on January 5 2020.
  • Upgrade your environment. We often overlook things we use daily and spend on things we will use once. Look at things you use daily that require an upgrade, could be a new pillow, phone cover, coffee cup. Upgrading them will give you a lift that will leave you feeling like you have your life together. This is the attitude you need as we approach the new year.

Which of these 7 will you give a try? Let me know in the comments section.

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