Do You Look The Part As A Content Creator?

Instagram has developed into an art over the years that’s why looking the part is important today. When I say look the part, I don’t only mean aesthetically I also mean knowing what content to create for your demographic. Also to be clear, I don’t mean pretending to be a person you are not. What I mean is if you want to be a travel blogger, you should already be traveling and creating the kind of content that will attract both followers and potential brands. If you want to be a beauty influencer, you should be experimenting with makeup and beauty looks on your platform, giving an audience inspiration, and teaching them something new. Yes, even if no one is sponsoring you to do any of it yet.

Contrary to what many believe, a lot actually goes into producing an Instagram post. This can be seen clearly in the aesthetics of a creator. Successful Instagram feeds are, above all, aesthetically pleasing in a cohesive way that accurately reflects the aesthetics, vision and message of the person or brand. Aesthetics can be anything: Picking a primary color, using the same filter, or even posting content within the same context or such as regularly posting your outfit of the day (#ootd).

I have put together a few pointers to help you implement the Instagram theme of your dreams below

  • Pick a colour. The color you pick should suit your overall content and aesthetic. For example, you could have a colour coordinated theme, where a certain colour (or colours) appear in every post. These colours should reflect your aesthetic, and perhaps the design of your brand’s product or logo. The repeating colours will help make your feed look visually stimulating and organised, as well as creating an association between you/your brand and those specific colours.
  • A common subject. Alternatively, your theme may govern the content of the images you post. For example, your theme could be based around a specific object that appears in every post, such as coffee, plants, water or food; whatever you like! This type of theme tends to be best suited to Instagram accounts that function to promote a specific type of product.

  • Use a preset. Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, “Wow. This person has their stuff together”?  Some accounts just have a beautiful, cohesive look that makes you want to binge-stalk their feed for an hour. Well the magic to this is presets. Presets are pre-saved image filters that enhance images with a professional touch while increase their aesthetic value. They help you get a beautiful, consistent effect on your photos without slaving away in Photoshop. I can attest to this being one of the reasons my Intagram continues to grow and in case you want your instagaram to look like mine, shop my presets. Remember, because Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms available to you to promote yourself and your brand, it is important that your feed reflects who you are and effectively communicates the messages you are trying to get across to your audience. A theme allows you to achieve this in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, while still appearing professional and creating interesting content for your audience.

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