How to soothe your own soul.

To be a human being on earth is to be subjected to constant change, both good and bad. These experiences can easily put us off balance especially if we do not constantly water the unchanging part – our souls. The world is getting more complex making us more prone to issues like depression.  Looking inward and catering to my own soul needs has made me a more emotionally intelligent being. Today I share tips to soothe your soul and improve on your personal well-being.  

Self Compassion

Instead of mercilessly judging and criticizing yourself for various inadequacies whether related to a disorganized closet, a few pounds gained pounds or an imperfect accomplishment – be kind and gentle to yourself. Self-compassion means you are kind and understanding when confronted with personal failings. Perhaps most importantly, having compassion for yourself means that you honor and accept your humanness. As you begin to let go of the need to be perfect, you will begin to discover the perfection of life itself.

I found an exercise I love at six seconds on self-compassion – here goes;

  1. Think of a current situation in which you feel less than perfect and need more compassion. It could be a mistake you’ve made, a quarrel you’re in, or an upcoming situation which makes you nervous or anxious. Take a couple of breaths to settle into this situation.
  2. Pull out a piece of paper and pen. Write yourself a compassionate letter, as you would to a dear, sweet friend or child. Be specific, be comforting, and don’t try to fix. Make sure to sign off the letter!
  3. Put away the letter. Set a timer for two minutes, and use this time to venture back into the troubling reality about which you wrote.
  4. Read your letter with fresh, tender eyes after the timer goes off. Savor the words; let them sink in. Cherish the gift you’ve given to yourself. Isn’t it stunning that you have a unique tender power to heal yourself?


Gratitude and inner peace go hand in hand. Look around you right now – there is truly something to be grateful for so in essence things are never as bad as they seem in this given moment. I have made gratitude a daily practice and it has completely changed my view of life. I complain very little these days and automatically my mind shifts to the good in any given situation when anxieties arise. This has developed after two years of practicing gratitude everyday – it’s very true what they say, when you do something constantly, your mind adjusts and it becomes cake – I am living proof.


Think of someone to thank. It cannot be the same people every day. Think from the moment your day begun, who you came in contact with both physically or digitally. It could be someone that held the door for you, or someone that wrote a post that touched your soul or even someone you watched from a distance that made you laugh. As you continue with this habit you will find yourself looking for someone to thank as the day goes on and in turn – you will become more peaceful.

Put your personal needs on top of the list.

We must first help ourselves first in order to be of help to others, this is a fact. You cannot give what you do not have. If you neglect your own needs you will become useless in being able to help others sooner or later. Think of it this way, you are the source of everything that you give –so take care of the source, cater to your needs in order to be of greater service.


Meet with yourself before you live the house. Check on how you really feel that morning- feel your feelings, remind yourself of your why, visualize how you want your day to go, say some affirming words to yourself. Chances are from the moment you step out you will be dealing with other people’s needs – so it’s important that you are centered with yourself.

 Count to Ten.

This is a little meditation exercise I learned from The Late Richard Carlson’s best seller – Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you feel you are getting angry or overwhelmed – take a long, deep inhalation, and as you do, say the number one to yourself. Then, relax the entire body as you breath out. Repeat the same process until number 10. The increased oxygen in your lungs and the time you finish the exercise enables you to increase your perspective.  Chances are high that you will not be angry anymore when you’re done with this relaxing mini meditation exercise.

Change the mental images you allow to enter your mind.

This is very important for your soul. Surround your mind with material that reflect the person you want to become. Subscribe to a podcast or a YouTube channel that reflects where you want to be, pick up a book, a documentary or film with positive influences on your life. If you are persistent our mind will transform and your life will mirror back the positive material you have been feeding it automatically.


Write all the things that resonate with you and want incorporate in your day to day life in a small pocket size book and carry it with you. When your mind is shifting to places you do not want – pull the book out to remind yourself to remain on track. Kind of picking up a glass of water when your thirsty.

Happy soul soothing, do let me know which ones you try and if you soothe your own soul already – share with me new ways.

Thank you for hanging out, warm Rebecca. 

Photography  by Zahara Abdul.

Blazer from Thrift Shop Ug.

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  1. Maya

    I needed this reminder, I am my biggest & harshest critic – sometimes I just have to let go.

    Thank you for this❤️❤️

    1. rebeccananjego

      Yes! Thank you for hanging out.

    1. rebeccananjego

      Yes! Gratitude jars are a real life reminder that everything more okay than we see at the moment.

    1. rebeccananjego

      Thank you so much Elijah for hanging out.

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