Nothing to wear? 5 ways to style black pants.

Have nothing to wear but got black pants? Hangout with me for 5 minutes and let’s unfold this dilemma together while I will show you how to style the same pair of black pants in five different ways to suite your occasion. Before I go any further, I have to mention that one of my style hacks is to invest in few long-lasting pairs of trousers and shoes in solid colors and then spend less on tops because I usually need a batch of these style easily. Quick Confession, everybody has a weakness, blazers are mine – I am ashamed to admit that two and sometimes more every month but that’s a story for another day.

Alright, let’s dig in…

Mondays or any day you need to look powerful.

Pair your black pants with a long-sleeved shirt preferably silk or satin.  This champagne shirt is my go-to on days where I need to need to look like I have everything in life together. I like how expensive it looks. Nobody can really tell that I bought it at 10,000 shillings from Thrift Shop Ug. But more importantly, I like how confident I feel in this outfit.

Wednesdays when you have both work and an event later or simply when you want people to stare.

Pair your black pants with a top that has character. I love quiet character so I often choose dramatic pieces in calm colors. Basically, I want someone to look at me and think they can ignore me but for some reason fail to get their eyes off me until they realize the mystery in my outfit this case being the sleeves.

Date night.

Pair your pants with a sexy top. I like to look alluring on date nights with very subtle hints of sexy – I show some skin. I like how this top does that, from the front you can’t really judge what’s coming at you at the back. Always keep them guessing, always keep them on their toes.

Cold weekends.

Pair your pants with a warm turtle neck and a cover up shirt. I find this look so stylish, mostly because the type of pants fit mostly formal environments, I like the juxtaposition with sandals and casual throw over shirt. This was my makeup artist & friend – Hannah’s favorite look

Brunch or day time casual event. Pair your black pants with a light-colored tee. I wore a yellow polo shirt and accessorized it with an orange beaded necklace to make it look more feminine. I sealed the look with a pair of yellow mules. Zahara my photographer and friend asked when she saw this look, who even wears that? I love this question – it shows me that my style is making someone feel something.

That’s it my friends, there is truly no occasion that a black pair of pants cannot fix. Which one is your favorite? Which one will you be trying out? Let me know in the comments.

Bless your heart for hanging out.

Hugs and love, Rebecca.

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  1. Yvonne Miller

    My favorite is undoubtedly look number 1.The date night look is also very ‘Va va voom’.😍Plus I agree with you Black pants are 💯 versatile.

  2. Maya

    Someone to look at you and think they can ignore you but they can’t get their eyes off you, DASSSSS Me!! and that’s my favorite look:)

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